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An opportunity to get away from the pressures of the field, the work, and the cross-cultural frustration for just a little while. A retreat is more effective than a furlough because a furlough always entails more work. The furloughing missionary must spend his time visiting supporters and reporting on the work. He also  has to deal with reentry trauma (reverse culture shock). A missionary retreat may be the only way for the missionary to truly get away.

Along with getting away from the field, the retreat gives the missionary an opportunity to rest. The retreat is purposefully held at nice facilities so that missionaries can get some rest. Hot showers, air conditioning, good beds and time to enjoy them are an important part of the retreat.

One of the prescriptions for culture shock and prevention of burnout is physical recreation. Afternoons at the retreat are set aside for either rest or recreation. Facilities are provided so that missionaries can "work off" some of the frustration they bring from the field. Laughing and playing with their children and the other missionaries do their hearts good.

Missionaries often come to the retreat burnt out and broken, disappointed and discouraged, down and almost out. They need healing. The retreat offers them a safe place to share their hearts, their problems, their discouragements and their fears. This is why we do not offer an open invitation to non-missionaries. The sharing and caring, along with the prayer and encouragement of the retreat, work with the loving touch of the Holy Spirit to restore the hurting missionary.

This is the primary focus of the miss
ionary retreat. Too many missionaries are "running on empty" and truly need a revival, a renewing touch from God. Their ministry on the field and their time on furlough both require them to preach the Word to others. The messages at the retreat are specifically applicable to missionaries and call them to repentance and recommitment. We pray for revival at the retreat and we preach for revival at the retreat.

A huge benefit of the retreat is the opportunity of sharing time with peers. The other cross-cultural missionaries understand the trials they face and are better able to comfort them. Missionaries who attend these retreats often form relationships that will last a lifetime.

The goal of the retreat is to send the missionaries back to their fields better prepared for the work than when they left. That serves both the missionaries and the churches that support them.